andrea rizzardi design

Andrea Rizzardi

I started studying Industrial Design in Politecnico di Milano in year 2005 and received the Bachelor degree of Industrial Design in year 2009.

In the same year, I entered the graduate program in Design Engineering and received the Master degree of Design&Engineering in April 2012; with the graduation thesis on algorithm for the system elements of the Snap-Fit.

In the academic years I have done several collaborations with laboratories, studios and companies in industrial design; throughout these experiences, I have enriched my professional background and combined the knowledge of the design industry and school.

In year 2009, I have my first project showcase in Milan Design Fair (Fiera Milano)—”Mater-Pizza”, VISCOM ITALY. The project was a collaboration with Imballaggi Protettivi Srl and Zund Swiss Cutting System AG.

In year 2010 i have collaborated with V&P Associati Srl for 3D model CAD model and rendering.

In year 2011, I presented “Fit” in Milan Design Fair at Salone Satellite ( Fiera Milano al Salone Satellite). “Fit” was a patented design I developed with Politecnico di Milano. In the same year, I started the professional collaboration with Termozeta S.p.a. and Espressocap S.p.a.. I designed and developed many new products, including a new patent “Grattugina”, an electronic cheese grater, that is available in the market now.
In 2012 I started in PET Engineering as Industrial & Strategic Designer and since 2017 I’m Head of Design Center.

My main role in PET Engineering is to Drive the design culture with a design management approach including strong interactions with product design, product marketing, research&development and new product development, with a specific focused on the aesthetic, semiotic, and branding aspects of the product in order to express the product’s qualities.